Technics WSA1 :: Dewan's Dodgy Keys
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Dewan's Dodgy Keys

Technics WSA1: Sounds - Dewan's Dodgy Keys


Dewan's Dodgy Keys for Technics WSA1

Dewan's Dodgy Keys for Technics WSA1 (.TM File)

My incomplete patch set for the WSA1 back when the computer had a floppy disk drive. I don't know how easy it will be for users to transfer onto their WSA1s without just dumping it onto a disk drive. 256kb seems remarkably small a file for all this info, and I've not tested it myself, but for what it's worth, here it is.

It's an incomplete set of two User banks of instruments. Some of them aren't heavily modified from the sounds that were originally on the banks, but there are dozens of ones I spent some time perfecting.

I hoped to improve the pianos on the ROM which I thought sounded a bit naff. The patches I use a lot of are all sort of broken sounding clavinets and e-pianos.

I also created a patch called "Knopfler Guitar" which plays very well and responds to the realtime controls.

The mellotron patches were programmed to sound a bit worn out.

There are other novelties in and amongst these patches, and I apologize for them having gaps and being a bit disorganized, but if users want to pull a few for their own use, by all means... have fun with them!