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WSA1 Other Downloads

Technics WSA1: Cakewalk ins file and additional downloads that don't fit in the main categories

Technics WSA1 Cakewalk ins File

WSA1 Instrument Definitions FIle for Cakewalk and Sonar

WSA1 User Manuals and Reference Guides

These are the usual manuals you'll find on the Internet (and these are the ones that are for sale by 'those people' on Ebay!). You will find vastly superior manuals on the WSA1 Manuals Page but these ones are included here for the sake of posterity and completeness.

WSA1 User Manual 1 - Basic Functions

WSA1 User Manual 2 - Practical Applications

WSA1 Reference Guide 1

WSA1 Reference Guide 2

WSA1 Service Manual - Technics sx-WSA1 Service Manual