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Technics WSA1

You're free to create all sorts of sonic results having no analogy in the physical, as opposed to virtual, world

Does Technics' WSA1 synthesiser reshape synthesis as
we know it?
Acoustic Modelling
with the sx-WSA1

When Technics released their KN2000 keyboard in 1993, its large backlit LCD screen and 64-voice polyphony put many a synthesiser to shame. Its début was a defining moment in hi-tech musical history: synth manufacturers were supposed to be at the cutting edge of technology, yet here was a 'keyboard company' outclassing them at their own game. However, it was only with the release of the KN3000 that Technics offered a complete, sample-based subtractive synthesis section with full user programmability.

in the meantime, their fellow Japanese synth manufacturers had been hard at work developing new synthesis technologies based on physical modelling techniques and synths such as Yamaha's VL series and Korg's Prophecy helped to re-establish the synthesiser as a cutting-edge musical instrument.

Not to be outdone, Technics developed their own modelling technology and chose to use it as a springboard for their entry into the synth market, tackling the established synth companies head on.


  • Acoustic Modeling Synthesis (PCM waveform driver with DSP Modeling resonator)
  • 64-Note Polyphony
  • Large graphic display (320 x240 dot)
  • Drum kit edit by Acoustic Modeling Synthesis
  • Controllers: Realtime Controller, Realtime Creator, Pitch Bend Wheel, 
  • Modulation Wheel 1 and 2 for realtime editing
  • Preset sounds: 256 sounds, 128 combinations
  • User sounds: 256 sounds, 128 combinations
  • Remap function
  • Digital drawbars
  • Pitch, filter, amplitude with individual envelope and LFOs
  • DSP effects: 3 blocks, 43 algorithms (plus 12 algorithms in REV block)
  • 16-track, 47,000-note capacity professional standard sequencer (for sx-WSA1 only)
  • 2 sets of MIDI terminals
  • GM compatibility
  • SMF direct play

What's more, they came up with the first modelling synth to offer the polyphony and multitimbrality you'd expect from a standard sample-based synthesiser.