Technics WSA1 :: WSA1 Halloween Jukebox

WSA1 Halloween Jukebox

Spoooky entertainment for your Halloween Party! ...or anytime! Monsters are not just for holidays!


Free Halloween MIDI Files - Fangtastic Fun!

Download these great Free Halloween MIDI Music files for your scary party! Adults and children alike will love these spooky tunes in a wide variety of styles.

Copy them all onto one floppy disk. Load them into your WSA1 sequencer and play them, or play along (mute the lead if necessary)... and you can also re-voice or tweak them to your heart's content.

33 Free Halloween MIDIs

Over two and a half hours of music!

Addams Family Waltz.mid
Addams Family.mid
Alfred Hitchcock Presents.mid
BlackMagicWoman.mid 9 Minutes!
Carmina Burana.mid 25 Minutes!
Chopin Opus 35 Movement 3.mid
7 Minutes! Great Piano Piece!
Dance Of The Macabre.mid
Devil Woman.mid My Favourite! Maybe swap the main instrument to a different sax, or something else.

Dont Fear The Reaper.mid
Edward Scissorhands.mid
Exorcist.mid Tubular Bells, FAB!
Freddys Theme.mid
Ghostbusters.mid Spookylicious!
Hall Of The Mountain King.mid
Halloween Theme.mid
Its Halloween.mid
Lets Do The Time Warp Again.mid

Monster Mash.mid
Nightmare Before Christmas.mid
Phantom Of The Opera.mid
Riders On The Storm.mid 7 Mins!
Tales From The Crypt.mid
Thriller.mid AMAZING!
Toccata And Fugue.mid 9 Mins!
X Files.mid

Free Halloween MIDI Files - MIDI FORMAT 1 - Zip File

Free Halloween MIDI Files - MIDI FORMAT 0 - Zip File (This version of the files can use the Direct Play feature for 'zero' loading time).